Oferta de empleo: Catalog Librarian – Bates College (Lewiston, Maine, EEUU)

Bates College seeks applications for the position of  Catalog Librarian. Reporting to the Associate College Librarian for Systems and Bibliographic Services, the Catalog Librarian works in a collaborative setting to provide patrons access to all formats in the Library’s collection in a timely, efficient, and informative manner.
The Catalog Librarian creates original cataloging and enhances existing cataloging in WorldCat and the local catalog (Innovative Interfaces) according to national standards. The Catalog Librarian aids in current and ongoing departmental transitions, including the move from AACR2 to RDA, from a primarily print/physical collection to a primarily electronic one, and a possible transition to a web-scale management system. The Catalog Librarian will keep up-to-date with changes in librarianship, future directions of technical services, the availability/applicability of automated services, and other developments.

Responsibilities include: cataloging and classifying sound recordings, scores, manuscripts, and other formats as assigned, assigning Library of Congress subject headings and  classifications, sharing in authority control,  database maintenance and the loading of bibliographic record sets, loading and trouble-shooting monthly authority-record updates from Marcive, loading records for selected ongoing subscriptions, performing batch withdrawals of weeded material and overseeing the physical weeding process, maintaining current versions of procedures related to job functions in conjunction with others in the department, working on one-time Bibliographic Services projects.

The Catalog Librarian may serve on Library, College, and Colby-Bates-Bowdoin committees and task forces as assigned. The Librarian may also represent the Library in state, regional, and national forums related to bibliographic service and cataloging issues.

The successful candidate will have a master’s or postgraduate degree in library or information science or the equivalent work experience. A minimum 3 years of cataloging experience in a variety of formats using MARC and AACR2 is required. Candidates will demonstrate the ability to learn and apply new cataloging rules and adapt to new systems and processes. The ability to foster teamwork and work effectively with staff at all levels of the Library and College, along with the ability to work independently and with the flexibility to adapt to and lead change, is expected. Excellent oral and written communication skills, combined with analytical, collaborative, interpersonal, and detail-oriented skills, are also expected.

Desired qualifications include an advanced degree in subject area related to the liberal arts. Professional training or experience with non-MARC metadata standards and practices is also desired.

Working environment and physical requirements include: bibliographic services workstations, contact with Reference librarians and circulation services, contact with books, computers, printers, and copiers, ability to sit for prolonged periods, extensive uses of computer keyboard, visual acuity, walking, lifting, carrying, range of motion from bending to reaching overhead.


Bates College is committed to building and maintaining a workforce that accurately reflects the diversity of our student body, alumni network, and local community. We encourage individuals of diverse backgrounds to apply and are committed to hiring individuals who value a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Applicants should send a cover letter and resume and submit an application online at http://www/bates.edu/employment/. Resumes will be reviewed as they are received and until position is filled. Our preference is that all documents uploaded be in a .pdf format.

Incomplete applications may not be considered. Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Amie Parker, Employment Manager, via e-mail at hrdept@bates.edu.



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