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Subvenciones ARSC para la preservación de grabaciones sonoras

La Association for Recorder Sound Collections convoca sus subvenciones anuales dentro de su  ARSC Program for the Preservation of Classical Music Historical Recordings. Son susceptibles de ser otorgadas a diversos tipos de proyectos y de cualquier parte del mundo.

The ARSC Program for the Preservation of Classical Music Historical Recordings was founded in 2004 (to begin in 2006) by Al Schlachtmeyer and the Board of Directors of ARSC to encourage and support the preservation of historically significant sound recordings of Western Art Music by individuals and organizations. (This program is separate from the ARSC Research Grants program, which supports historical research and publication of studies by individuals in the field of sound recordings or audio preservation).

The ARSC Program for the Preservation of Classical Music Historical Recordings will also consider funding:

  • Projects involving preservation, in any valid and reasonable fashion, such as providing a collection with proper climate control, moving a collection to facilities with proper storage conditions, re-sleeving a collection of discs, setting up a volunteer project to organize and inventory a stored collection, rescuing recordings from danger, copying recordings on endangered or unstable media, etc.;
  • Projects promoting public access to recordings;
  • Projects involving commercial as well as private, instantaneous recordings;
  • Projects involving collections anywhere in the world (non-U.S. applicants are encouraged to apply).

The program is administered by an ARSC Grants Committee including the chairman, a member of the Technical Committee, a member of the AAA Committee, and an expert on classical music. Proposals must be received by the 15th of December each year. Grant amounts generally range from $2000 to $10,000. Grant projects should be completed within twenty-four months. Written notification of decisions on projects will be made approximately three months after the submission deadline (please do NOT contact the committee about progress on decisions).


Información completa sobre solicitudes, requisitos y contacto en http://www.arsc-audio.org/committees/preservationgrants.html

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